How to get Free Sex in Thailand Guide

This is the ultimate guide to getting free sex on your vacation to Thailand. Doesn’t matter if your on a sex holiday or your a full time sexpat. Sex in Thailand is the best and biggest resource that you have to getting laid in a country where Thai hookers are synonymous for girlfriend. Let us take a good hard long look at what they call the land of smiles and see if you really can get free sex anywhere.

What do you consider free sex?

If you’re not paying for a hooker to sleep with you then this is free right, but how much did you blow before you ended up in the situation where the girl was going to give it up to you for nothing. There’s the cost of dinner and the movies drinks the price of which all add up considerably so do you really think that it’s going to be easy to get anyone back to your bedroom without forking out for cash? In the book Sex in Thailand we’ll give you a few tips on how to do exactly that and where to find it as well.

Hookers require finesse to get it free!

If you think that being able to get a go go girl back to your room for nothing is going to be difficult. These girls are working on the clock and until they get off work you won’t be getting anything. I prefer to plan my day around this fact and make sure that I’m at my most awake when the girls get off work. They’re all drunk and giddy and maybe i’ve had a couple of drinks to get on their level, This makes me more comfortable and enables me to control the situation better.

You should have if not already arranged to meet her somewhere after work if not you might want to check into the late night nightclubs where Thai hookers are generally likely to go in an evening to find more customers and make more money. It’s not hard to see how a good looking Thai girl working in a club, a true showgirl who actually bangs customers could indeed make a lot of money in the prostitution trade. Doesn’t matter how you judge these young ladies because the simple truth is they are helping people.

How prostitution helps people

There are a lot of young women working in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Patong who are working as prostitutes and earn more money than they would if they worked a menial job. Now it’s more than likely that most of these girls could and have in fact worked menial jobs in Thailand. The truth is these jobs would be enough for the girl to get by without having to sell herself to tourists or what’s more prevelant selling herself to Thai guys. But even if they did that they wouldn’t have any hope of breaking out of the cycle. Going to work in Thailand often means 6 even 7 days a week no breaks. Even if these girls wanted to study they just couldn’t.

How lack of education gets people laid

When someone doesn’t have much knowledge they are more easily led, think about the worlds greatest con artists crashing down on your door. That’s how I feel when I go trolling for free sex in Thailand because it really is that simple. Thai girls are willing to trust and you more than girls from your own country. They give trust but they quickly take it away too. Once you have someones trust it’s pretty easy to leed them into doing something for you and if that means having sex with some Thai whore in the bathroom of Spicy then that’s what happens.


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